Wordhouse People

Photograph of Stephen Wellings, Manager and Director, Wordhouse LtdPhotograph of Stephen Wellings, Publisher and Director of Wordhouse Ltd

Stephen Wellings

Publisher and Director

I am a publishing and training professional with over 30 years' editorial and senior management experience in companies such as McGraw-Hill, Pan Books, International Thomson, The Open College, Butterworth-Heinemann and Pergamon Open Learning. During my career I have commissioned and published hundreds of books and learning materials in science, technology, social science, business and management. I have designed, developed and published major distance learning programmes, including one of the world’s largest for ACCA, the professional accounting body. I am accomplished at delivering sizeable publishing and training projects on time, within budget and to exacting quality standards.

In my spare time I promote live modern jazz in the Thames Valley, under the name of Jazz in Reading. I am also Co-chair of Reading Borough Council's Learning Disabilities Partnership Board.

Liz Real

Managing Editor

I am a graduate of Edinburgh University with an MA in French. Before joining Wordhouse as an editorial assistant in 2000, I held a number of administrative positions, including several at the University of London.

Responsible for editorial project management, I liaise with clients and commission and manage the teams of professionals who work for us, such as authors, subject matter experts, copy-editors, proofreaders, indexers and designers.

When not working for Wordhouse, I pursue my artistic interests and exhibit work (collages, prints and mixed-media) through Caversham Artists and Reading Guild of Artists.

Photograph of Liz Real, Managing Editor, Wordhouse LtdPhotograph of Liz Real, Managing editor, Wordhouse Ltd

Wordhouse approved suppliers

At any one time, Wordhouse can be managing several teams of external suppliers and specialists – including writers, subject matter experts, instructional designers, copy-editors, and all the other freelancers who typically make up a development and production team.

Most are people we have worked with us for some time, and whose reliability and professional skills are proven. Where we have to take on additional suppliers – because of urgent or large and demanding assignments – all are subject to strict checks prior to being accepted on our approved suppliers list.